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Situated in a classic California bungalow in Los Angeles, Orsi Public Relations is a boutique agency specializing in fashion/lifestyle, retail and consumer products. With a solid history and firmly established roots in the communications world, our business is constantly evolving to reflect the current social, economic and technological trends. It’s this constant evolution that fuels our creative energy which is channeled into highly focused and innovative programs that give our clients a competitive edge.







Orsi Public Relations dynamic, focused, result oriented team with more than three decades of experience and strong strategic planning. We maintain just the right balance of professionalism, energy and humor to successfully execute an effective campaign with a solid ROI. Custom programs incorporate a variety of disciplines including

Media Relations
Blogger Relations
Brand Messaging
Product Launches
Event Publicity
Crisis Management
Product Seeding







We create individual and distinct campaigns
to generate the desired response.

Tommy Bahama:   Developed cohesive pr campaign for multi-faceted lifestyle brand that includes fashion, retail, restaurants and home furnishings generating major headlines across all media outlets
Sanrio/Hello Kitty:   Elevated consumer perception creating a cult status among females of all ages
Skechers:   Launched new Skechers sport and fitness products to establish brand’s entry into the performance/athletic footwear category
Paul Frank:   Expanded brand image to encompass all business and product developments to gain attention as a popular youth culture brand
Mossimo:   Transformed local hero into national media sensation
T.U.K. Footwear:   Launched technologically advanced sole construction for T.U.K. ViVA Creepers footwear and created renewed interest for the bold, edgy styling of the T.U.K. brand.
mywalit:   Aligned with key influencers and built a campaign to gain awareness in the US market and drive website traffic for this international small leather goods company.
Cherokee:    Utilized social media to create brand awareness for increased consumer engagement and also leveraged international licensing presence resulting in trade coverage. 
Oxford:    Relaunched traditional menswear brand to retailers, press and consumers to appeal to the next generation.





















Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama
Tommy Bahama
Tommy Bahama
Tommy Bahama
Tommy Bahama
Tommy Bahama
Tommy Bahama
Tommy Bahama
Tommy Bahama







Quality and personalized attention from our dedicated and close-knit staff has ensured continuity between client and agency for more than 30 years. We’re big enough to provide all the services you may need, but small enough for you to have direct access to the top. With our team approach, your questions and needs are always addressed, immediately.

Janet Orsi, President
As the leader of the agency she founded in 1982, Janet is very hands on and the motivating force behind Orsi Public Relations. She is a creative thinker, strong strategic planner and an enthusiastic team player. Adept at storytelling, she has the ability to develop a compelling brand narrative that attracts attention. Using her experience, a keen understanding of public relations and media, Janet’s intuitive nature knows how to identify a client’s needs and deliver the desired results.

Greg Lutchko, Sr. Vice President
Known for achieving tangible results, Greg has played an essential role over the past 25 years in launching new business at Orsi Public Relations. He is the perfect liaison between the client and the press. His creativity and desire for success enables him to clearly identify a client’s objectives and effectively communicate them to the press. As a result of his focus and dedication, Greg has achieved great success for the clients he serves.

Dyann Hawkins, Vice President
A seasoned PR practitioner, Dyann is all about building relationships. During her 20 years at Orsi Public Relations, she has developed exceptional and long standing media contacts as well as establishing close client connections. She is ideally suited to work with multifaceted brands and creates a steady stream of media coverage. Over the years, Dyann has successfully managed some of our largest accounts.

Team Orsi
A highly dedicated team of professionals supports daily operations. These are vital members of the organization from account executives to account coordinators, who work with both clients and press to successfully implement our public relations program. Their ability to function at breakneck speed coupled with their keen attention to detail provide us with a seamless layer that is an integral part of the overall agency structure.







Orsi Public Relations

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